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When you image and/or clone, does it also include the unused portions of the partitions? I have a 1T drive that I partitioned just for organizing my stuff. At first run, the application displays the 'Express Launcher', a minimized interface that offers easy access to the backup and the restore wizards. If you're using Macrium for example, just select the entire "source" (ie 'C' Drive in almost all PC's) drive for the that you want to Image to the target (sometimes referred to as the "destination") HDD. The end results are the same; the 2 processes just do it in different ways. When the finally opened, I was faced with a full screen of terms with which I was not familiar. have to do a search for it, as they don't advertise it. Note you'll need to download this separately after registering the product - log into your Paragon account and choose My Downloads to access this. During recovery partition sizes are automatically if the new disk-drive has a size. Create a backup of your data today. July 2016 - 22:26(127128) Macrium Free Edition has been updated to 6.1 Build 1366 (2016.06.30); the changelog listed is: Automatic deletion of Macrium created network share connections: -- Authenticated Network connections created by Macrium Reflect at the start of a backup can now be automatically terminated on application exit rather than waiting for the Windows timeout. Unfortunately it then scours your connected drives, and lists every backup (image) that it can find. This is v14, not the new v15. Privacy Policy . Don't waste your time on this one !! ConsComplex, backup by default results in collection of old school 4GB files by default. October 2016 - 1:47(128186) Subject: W10 running when imaging Some will remember in my comments, how like WIndows closed when imaging, most of you don't mind Windows running. ea41d647aa


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